The purpose of our diligent manufacturers and professional designers team
is to produce high-quality candles for the beauty and coziness of your home!


Handmade byartisans

Almost 30 years of candle making experience


Wide range ofdesigns

Candles for all occasions – Christmas, Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, simply for coziness of your home and much more!

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Wide range of colors

Possibility to find shades of colors that matches Your needs


Scented candles & home fragrancesPURE FLAME

Scents created in French perfume houses with a long history.
Enchanting extravagant, bohemian notes or elegant scents of the world’s most fragrant flowers. PURE FLAME uses only an environmentally friendly fragrance base for its home fragrances.

RAPESEED (CANOLA) WAX has the strongest odor scattering properties compared to other types of natural wax.


Christmas candles

Handmade candles for your home

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