Who we are

Address of our website: https://www.candles.lt

Your personal data controller:
UAB „Jakelio žvakės“, candles.lt
Company code.: 134138532
VAT code.: LT341385314
Address: Mūšos g. 7, LT-47176, Kaunas
Brand shop phone number: 8 611 31112
Wholesale wharehouse phone number: 8 620 77455
E-mail: info@candles.lt

What personal information do we collect and why do we do it

To ensure a purchase process we collect:

Location, IP, browser type: we collect this information to calculate shipping costs and taxes. We also need your shipping information in order to ensure a shipping process.

Contact forms

You have the ability to contact us via contact forms. All data provided by you will be only used to react to inquiries and communicate with you regarding your question.


For the website to function properly, we write small data files called cookies into your browser. Most websites do the same. A cookie is a small file that after a visit to the website is stored on your browser. Due to it, for some time the website may ‘remember’ your actions and options (e.g. registration name, language, IP address, font size, and other display options), and you do not need to re-enter them upon each visit of the website or browsing its various pages. Cookies also help collect website statistics.

We believe your data is your property and support your right to privacy and transparency. You can select a Data Access Level and Duration to choose how we use and share your data or select cookies separately:
  • Silver level ensures the highest level of privacy. Data is accessed for necessary basic operations only. Data is shared with 3rd parties to ensure the site is secure and works on your device. By selecting this level only Basic Operations cookies are enabled. This type of sharing is necessary for us to access the data we need to make sure the website is secure and working properly.
    Data Accessed:
    • Anonymous data like browser name and version
    • Pseudonymous data like the authentication token
  • Gold level gives you a balanced experience. Data accessed for content personalization and site optimization. Data shared with 3rd parties may be used to track you and store your preferences for this site. By selecting this level the above-mentioned Basic Operations cookies are enabled along with Content Personalization and Site Optimization cookies. Any of the latter two can be also enabled when selecting preferred cookies. When Content Personalization is enabled, you allow us to save your preferences and create a profile about you so we can deliver personalized content. Data Accessed:
    • Anonymous data like device type, model and operating system
    • Pseudonymous data like site browsing preferences
    • Personal data like your IP address and location
When site Optimization cookies are enabled, you allow us to monitor your behavior so we can analyze and improve the services on our website for all visitors. Data Accessed:
  • Anonymous data like the address of the previously visited website (HTTP Referer)
  • Pseudonymous data like website activity identifiers
  • Personal data like content, search, and purchase history
  • Platinum level guarantees a balanced experience. Data accessed for content personalization and site optimization. Data shared with 3rd parties may be used to track you and store your preferences for this site. By selecting this level all the above-mentioned are enabled along with Ad Personalization. When enabled the latter is enabled, you allow us access to share data with our advertising partners that build profiles about you across multiple websites. Data Accessed:
    • Anonymous data like affiliate referral links
    • Pseudonymous data like identifiers used to track and profile users
    • Personal data like your age, gender, and demographics

Whom we share your data with

We always store your data safely and request our partners and service providers which have access to your data to ensure this. Your data may be viewed by:

  • website content hosting providers;
  • marketing service providers;
  • project development team.

Opay and Stripe

Bank payments in the e-shop are processed by opay.lt platform, which is managed by UAB OPAY solutions (M. K. Paco g. 4, LT-10309 Vilnius, company code: 302664558), therefore Buyer’s personal data which is essential to make such payment will be shared with UAB OPAY solutions. Payments made by credit/debit card are processed by Stripe.com Technology Europe Limited platform, therefore Buyer’s personal data which is essential to make such payment will be shared with Stripe Technology Europe Limited.


Our shipping partners are Venipak Lietuva, UAB (delivery via couriers and post machines in Lithuania), DPD, and Itella/GLS. If delivery method by courier or post machine is selected, your data will be shared with our partners to ensure delivery is successful. 

How long do we store your data

The information collected through statistical Google Analytics tools and other cookies is usually used for up to 2 years.

Additional information

What data protection procedures do we use

The website uses Letsencrypt.org SSL Certificate

  • Approved website identity (we visit the website of the actual owner of the domain rather than are directed to hackers’ fake server)
  • Encrypted all between the server and the browser transmitted data – (network hackers can no longer read them)..
  • Guaranteed data integrity and originality (en-route routers cannot correct or censor the information transmitted)..

For more information: https://letsencrypt.org Website administrator password security manual It promotes everyone having access to the website to use strong passwords. Besides, it aims at complying with OWASP 10 security standards.

Information on regulated activities

If you think that your right to privacy has been breached, you may lodge your complaint to the State Data Inspectorate located at A. Juozapavičiaus str. 6, LT-09310 Vilnius, Lithuania, tel. +370 5 271 2804, 279 1445, fax.: +370 5 261 9494, e-mail: ada@ada.lt.

How to get to know about policy changes?

We will inform about substantial changes in the candles.lt Privacy Policy by publishing the notification on the website candles.lt. Updated on 2019-07-18


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