Outdoor candles – quality and uniqueness

Being an environmentally conscious company, we put all efforts to reduce the waste of raw materials throughout the whole manufacturing process. Our main material in the production of decorated candles is paraffin wax, which means our waste is mainly related to this material. Even though accumulated paraffin waste has the same high quality as unused paraffin, we are unable to reuse it in decorated candles production, simply because of waste coming in mixed colors.

But how does this relate to outdoor candles?!

Actually, this decorated candles paraffin waste is exactly what makes our outdoor candles unique and even increases their quality! Obtained waste is chopped into small colorful pieces and used in outdoor candle production, which means that not only we significantly cut paraffin waste, but also we are able to produce unique design one of a kind outdoor candles. In fact, this also increases the quality of outdoor candles, because a big part of them consists of indoor candles paraffin, which has much higher quality standards.

Despite that, because of their thick wick and other characteristics, outdoor candles are for outdoor use only!

We invite you to try our make your terrace cozier with our unique outdoor candles


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