Decorate candles yourself!

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4 candles & 3 colors: yellow, pink, blue

Pillar 5x15cm

4 candles & 3 colors: gold, red, green

Pillar 5x15cm

4 candles & 3 colors: silver, violet, brown

Pillar 5x15cm

Decorate candle yourself! We offer a chance to express your imagination by drawing any pattern or image on a candle and have loads of fun while doing it. A candle with your own or your kids’ drawings not only can be a great decoration for your home, but also a perfect gift for your loved one!


The set consists of 4 white pillar candles (size – 5x15cm, burning time around 32h) and a mix of 3 different colors (gold, silver, black, yellow, orange, purple, red, pink, blue, brown, green).

ATTENTION! If you would like to select the colors yourself, please list them in the order notes section at the checkout.



  1. Place a protective cloth on the surface
  2. Draw on candles
  3. Allow the paint to dry. This may take about 3-4h

You can check the process in the video

If candles are decorated by children, do not leave them without adult supervision.

Do not allow children to light & burn candles without adult supervision.